The ADHD Smarter Parenting’s Podcast

Ep #123: How to talk to your kids about racism and other difficult topics

February 17, 2021

We can talk to our children about racism, religion, politics, sex, drugs, or social issues without the conversations turning into a heated debate.

When topics are challenging to discuss, we tend to avoid talking about them. 

We need to talk about these crucial issues. Change doesn't happen until we can talk about these issues without getting defensive or emotional.

You don't have to know everything, or even agree, but being able to really listen to your child's concerns and answer any question honestly is vital in creating an atmosphere of trust and acceptance. 

Talking about complicated topics isn't easy for most children. If you respond with anger or frustration, they will stop coming to you for advice. 

If they don't feel comfortable talking to you, they will find someone they do feel comfortable talking with, and you may not always like the advice they receive.

The skill of Effective Communication is life-changing. When a child can feel heard and understood, even if you don't always believe the same, they will value your opinion, and your relationship will grow.

Effective Communication shows you how to remove the emotional response from communication. Doing this allows you to listen to understand instead of listening to respond. Using Effective Communication will enable you to find common ground, see multiple viewpoints, and better understand others' experiences. 

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