The ADHD Smarter Parenting’s Podcast

Ep #127: When you love your child but don’t always like your child

March 17, 2021

It’s normal to love our children and want to do anything for them, but not always like them because their behavior makes life difficult.

When your child’s behavior drives you nuts, you may wonder what you can do or what you need to focus on to help your child change their behavior.

One of the reasons children act out at home is that they feel safe, and part of feeling safe is testing boundaries to figure out the world around them, which is a good thing.

When we give into a child’s demand, it signals to them that this is something they can come to expect, so being consistent is so important. 

When parents are constantly changing the game plan, it’s confusing for children and can cause them to act up. The more consistent you are, the safer your children will feel, reducing the need for them to act up.

One reason kids may do well at school, but then not so well at home, is because most classrooms operate with consistent schedules and expectations.

As a parent, you can create the same structure that works for your family at home. Part of creating that structure is making sure you understand your limits and taking breaks as needed.

If you are frustrated or overwhelmed, you aren’t able to help your child and often make the situation worse.

We can provide individualized help in setting up a structure that works for your family by joining the Smarter Parenting club. 

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