The ADHD Smarter Parenting‘s Podcast

Ep #133: Parenting wisdom from The Karate Kid

April 28, 2021

You can become a parenting master who knows how to help your child best. It just takes a little practice.

We hear from parents constantly that Role-playing, aka the practicing, is the hardest part of learning a new skill. 

The practicing is where the magic happens. Practicing allows your child to create muscle memory and be confident in what they need to do. Practicing is where you will see how well your child understands what is taught.

When we are little, it's common for us to practice new things. We practice them in school. We practice them at home. As we grow, though, we practice less, which can make Role-playing a new skill awkward or uncomfortable.

Practicing doesn't have to be scary. Practicing should be fun! 

There are many ways to practice something new, including using games or activities. We encourage parents to be creative when practicing with their children. Some methods will work better depending on your child. 

We've turned picking up clothes into a game. We've used reverse Role-plays where we've become the kid, and the kid has become the adult. We've used props and puppets. We've also done Role-plays where we didn't use anything special.

As you practice with your child, your child will become comfortable practicing and will be more inclined to practice new things in the future.

We know you want your child to be successful. Adapting a practice to your child's needs is what parenting masters do, as it focuses on helping your child find success.

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