The ADHD Smarter Parenting‘s Podcast

Ep #140: Connecting with your child instead of controlling them

June 16, 2021

When a child cannot control their own emotions, it can be easy for parents to step in and do it for them. While it may help our child in the short term, it isn't a long-term solution. When parents "control" their child, it can lead to resentment and an inability to function in the real world without parent intervention. Instead, parents need to show their kids what they need to do to control their emotions. 

Parents help kids control their emotions by teaching them specific skills that help them address what they are dealing with without losing control. When children have these skills, they have options instead of acting out.

The behavior skills we teach on will give your child confidence, increase their self-esteem, and make your life easier as you aren't constantly stepping in to "fix" everything.

As you give your child more tools, you strengthen connections with your child, and they will feel that you have their best interest in mind. 

When children feel that you believe in them and trust them, they will often do what they can to build on that, which will have huge dividends as they grow and they know that you are a safe place for them. 

To learn more about the skill discussed in this episode, visit to begin learning the skills that will reshape the interactions you have with your child.

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