The ADHD Smarter Parenting‘s Podcast

Ep #166: Why parents need to practice self-care

December 15, 2021

As parents, we can be terrible about practicing self-care. Practicing self-care is vital in helping us be our best.

When we don't practice self-care, we give less than our best to our family. Self-care allows us to recharge and refocus, enabling us to tackle everything we are required to do better.

It can feel like we have no time for self-care or that practicing self-care is selfish. It is not. It is so important!

Yes, practicing self-care may require sacrifices and simplification. Still, the benefits for you and your family will be well worth it as it sends a message to your child that they need to establish healthy boundaries and know their limits.

You wouldn't want your child continually running on empty. You shouldn't either.

When added stresses are added to already busy schedules during the holidays, it can be even more challenging to find the time for self-care. Instead of forgoing self-care, put it on the calendar! Use the SODAS Method to help you determine activities and times that will work for your schedule. Activities for self-care could include a walk, eating a treat, checking social media, talking to a friend, watching a TV show, reading, yoga, journaling, etc.  The possibilities are endless. Just find something that works for you and gives you the recharge you need.

Putting it in the calendar does a couple of things. First, it makes it easier to take the time to recharge. Second, it shows everybody the importance of time for yourself. Sometimes it can be easy for our kids to think of us as the energizer bunny with unlimited ability to give and give. Which we all know isn't true. 

We hope you'll make self-care an important part of your parenting routine!

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