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Ep #191:Motivating your child

June 15, 2022

Have you ever tried to get your child to clean their room, and they aren't interested, and that lack of interest causes tension, and you don't want all that tension?

Motiving your child can be incredibly frustrating.

The SODAS Method can make helping your child easier.

Everyone is either motivated by intrinsic or external factors. When we do something because we like doing that activity, that is called intrinsic motivation. External motivation is when we don't necessarily like doing the action but want what comes from it. For example, we may not enjoy studying for a test, but we like the grade we get when we do.

Understanding how and what motivates our children can make a world of difference--especially when it comes to having them do things they may not like or want to do.

It's why we love using the SODAS Method, as it helps us determine what the best way to motivate our children is. The SODAS Method can be tailored to specific situations and children as each child is different in what will encourage them. You may have a child who will do homework without external motivation because they like the process of learning. In contrast, you may have a child who needs external motivation because the learning process isn't enough.

You can find more about the SODAS Method on the Smarter Parenting website.

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