The ADHD Smarter Parenting’s Podcast

Ep #25: Treatment options for ADHD

September 9, 2019

There are multiple ADHD treatment options. Understanding what they are and why they are being recommended is helpful as treatment courses are set.

When ADHD treatment options are present, it can be easy to dismiss individual options. We strongly advocate that you keep an open mind to any recommended treatment options. Treatment for ADHD could include medication, therapy, and ADHD behavior intervention, such as learning behavior or social skills. 

Because every child is unique and responds to medication differently, we are not here to give medical advice. We are here to walk you through therapy and ADHD behavior interventions that help kids with ADHD. 

Helping kids with ADHD may involve therapy. For many parents, therapy may seem scary or unfamiliar, or a label they don’t want for their child as therapy has gotten an undeserved bad rap. Treating ADHD should be a whole-body process, including taking care of our mental health. Therapy allows a child to discuss how ADHD affects them, what their environment is like, and thoughts and feelings. They learn how they respond to certain stimuli and what they can do to work through things healthily. 

Social or behavioral skills is another route that a doctor may recommend. Behavioral or social skills are skills that are implemented in the home and is a team effort between parents, caretakers, and the child. The skills we teach on Smarter Parenting are social and behavioral skills and are most effective when everybody is on the same page in their use.

If you are using behavior skills and aren’t seeing the change you expect, it’s probably because a component needs to be modified. An ADHD Parenting Coach can help you find clarity in what needs to be modified. An ADHD Parenting Coach can take a look at the big picture and help you see areas that need improvement while giving you confidence in your abilities. 

ADHD Parenting Coaching can be transforming and help you create the family you want. Sign-up for an individualized ADHD Parenting Coaching session today and take advantage of our free 15-minute mini-sessions.

When deciding treatment for your ADHD child, it’s vital to keep an open mind when it comes to all ADHD treatment options. The goal of your doctors is to help your child be healthy and happy.

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