The ADHD Smarter Parenting’s Podcast

Ep #34: ADHD and other issues

October 16, 2019

Children having ADHD and other issues together occurs frequently. Having multiple problems is called comorbidity.

ADHD and comorbidity are frequently manifested in behavioral issues, issues with peers, learning disorders, increased risk of injury, anxiety, depression, or conduct disorders such as ODD. 

Understanding ADHD diagnosis and additional issues are crucial for parents. It helps them have realistic views of treatments and what their child is going through. It also helps them better engage with their children.

Parents should report all behavior to their child’s doctors as that information will be important in determining the best treatment course. Doctors will decide what to treat first based on the exhibited behaviors. They may recommend treating one of the other issues before focusing on your child’s ADHD symptoms. 

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Dealing with ADHD alone can be challenging, but dealing with multiple issues at once can be overwhelming for many parents. It can lead to feelings of hopelessness when dealing with ADHD and other issues. 

The behavior skills on Smarter Parenting help parents deal with their feeling of hopelessness as it provides parents the tools and resources they need, including coaching. Our ADHD parenting coach, Siope Kinikini, is available to help parents gain clarity and get real solutions for problems. Sign-up for a free 15-minute coaching mini-session.

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