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Ep #95:Why video games are so addictive and what parents can do

August 5, 2020

One of the questions Parenting Coach Siope Kinikini gets asked frequently is how to help kids deal with video game addiction, and in this podcast, he shows parents how they can help their child by using Effective Praise. 

Why are video games so addictive? They are designed to fill four psychological needs in your children, trust, confidence, mastery, and autonomy, and fulfill these needs time and time again. The more kids play, the more they want to play because playing video games makes them feel good. It's also why kids can have a hard time when they are required to quit as they may not be getting the same level of reinforcement in the real world as they are getting from the virtual world.

A study on why video games are so addictive can be found here.

Effective Praise fulfills your child's need for trust, confidence, mastery, and autonomy, which, in turn, allows them to thrive in the real world. Parents who use Effective Praise consistently give so much to their children and their children thrive.

For many parents, the hardest thing about using Effective Praise is knowing where to start. Sign up for Parenting Coaching session through the Smarter Parenting Club and let Siope Kinikini help you come up with a game plan.

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