The ADHD Smarter Parenting’s Podcast

Ep #3: Finding ADHD resources

April 7, 2019

Getting an ADHD diagnosis for your child is hard. Knowing what ADHD resources are available is one the ways to cope with ADHD behavior as it gives us a feeling of control in situations we feel are out of our control. Finding ADHD resources online can be overwhelming as there is a lot of out there, and it’s hard to know who are the ADHD specialists. Will their suggestion work for my child?  

As an ADHD parent, you deal with different challenges and will know better than anyone where your child falls on the ADHD spectrum. Based on your research, you will start to apply things you think will work based on what you have researched. You may notice changes for awhile, but then your child may stop responding, and you feel like it didn’t work so back to studying you go.

Instead of picking one or two things from various approaches, Smarter Parenting is a comprehensive ADHD behavior plan. This comprehensive approach allows for greater success as it teaches you how to handle all stages of behavior, from preventing problems in helping children understand consequences.

Join ADHD specialist Siope Kinikini as he helps you understand why using the Teaching-Family Model will be the ADHD resource your family needs.

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