The ADHD Smarter Parenting’s Podcast

Ep #117: I am not the parent I thought I would be

January 6, 2021

If you're struggling feeling like you're failing as a parent, this podcast will give you hope!

What parent hasn't thought, "I didn't think I'd be like this as a parent"? Because raising kids isn't always easy as kids push our buttons and test boundaries, and, sometimes, we don't always respond how we wish we would. 

You don't have to live with guilt or regret. Becoming the parent you want to be is possible. Yes, really! Change is possible, and you can set your family and your relationships on a new course by learning the behavior skills we teach on

When parents have a toolbox full of behavior tools, they can feel confident knowing they can handle any situation in the best way possible. The same goes for your kids. When they learn behavior skills, they understand they have options for how they respond, allowing them to make better choices.

We want you to succeed. We want to help you become the parent you want to be. You can do it!

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