The ADHD Smarter Parenting’s Podcast

Ep #119: Creating normalcy when things feel uncertain

January 20, 2021

When things get upended, we want to find a sense of normalcy for ourselves and our kids. This need for normalcy has been especially needed over the last year as parents have dealt with a global pandemic, economic hardship, school closures, and racial and political tensions.

When dealing with all of these events, is it even possible to offer normalcy? Yes.

You will not be able to offer normalcy in everything--it just isn’t possible. You can find specific things to provide normalcy, such as morning or bedtime routines, exercise routines, chores, family schedules, family outings, etc. 

For example, you may be doing school online, but you can still practice your in school morning routine by having them get ready for the day and having them leave the house and then come back in as it signals to your child, “Hey, nothing has changed even though how we do school has changed.”

Having a sense of normalcy is essential for kids who struggle with changes in routines and feel anxious or out of control when those routines change. 

Adhering to routines allow your children to feel safe, secure, and in control even when situations change.  Routines also give your child permission to understand what is happening around them, but in a way that feels safe and comfortable. 

Routine and structure are important, but especially when things are unpredictable. 

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