The ADHD Smarter Parenting‘s Podcast

Ep #146: Moving beyond the ADHD label

July 28, 2021

Your child is not their diagnosis. 

A diagnosis is a framework for how your child's brain works. A diagnosis does not usually tell you how to address the symptoms your child may be experiencing. No two children with the same diagnosis will manifest symptoms the same. Some children with ADHD will struggle with impulsivity, where other children may not.

By focusing on the behavior rather than the diagnosis is crucial in addressing the problem areas.

One of the skills we love to teach parents to use is Decision Making or the SODAS Method. Often when presented with a problem, we may think we have limited options. This belief is often especially true when we receive a diagnosis for our child and feel that that diagnosis is defining our child. 

Using the SODAS Method, we can look at specific problems and develop solutions tailored to our children that will best address their needs.

For many parents having their child no longer defined by labels empowers the child to grow and develop.

You can find Decision Making on the Smarter Parenting website. 

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