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Ep #169: How Effective Praise can change relationships

January 5, 2022

If you want a better relationship with your child this year, learn how to give Effective Praise.

Effective Praise isn't complicated, but it will change how you see your child and how your child sees you.

Effective Praise helps you see--and recognize--what your child is doing well. Noticing what our child is doing well can be challenging for most parents, especially in the everyday hustle and bustle.

Because we have so much on our plates as parents, it's easy to focus on what our child needs to do differently so that life is more manageable, whether that's doing their chores or not talking back or a million other things.

Most parents fail to understand that the most significant change comes when focusing on the good and not the bad. When we focus on the good, our child feels noticed and understood, which means they are more likely to repeat the positive behavior.

Parents who use Effective Praise consistently have found their relationships with their child improving--even relationships that were difficult previously.

You can change your relationships with your child, and Effective Praise is how you do it.

The steps to Effective Praise are:

  1. Show your approval or find a positive.
  2. Describe the positive behavior. Be specific.
  3. Give a meaningful reason to repeat the behavior.
  4. Give a reward (option)

You can learn more about Effective Praise at

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