The ADHD Smarter Parenting‘s Podcast

Ep #170: ADHD diagnosis and other issues

January 12, 2022

Today's podcast goes over how an ADHD diagnosis is reached. What other issues may also be present, and how parents can use skills to create connections with their children.

A diagnosis does not cover all the symptoms and will not look the same for every child. Some children may present more of one symptom and not others. Getting an official diagnosis allows parents to adapt better to serve their child's needs. 

Often children with ADHD may also present additional symptoms that aren't ADHD, such as anxiety or depression. The order of treatment will depend on what symptoms are most severe.

Often, children with ADHD may feel judged or different, so it's important to foster connections, especially when acting out. The skills on Smarter Parenting are all about helping parents find ways to connect with their children.

We know that connecting with our children, especially when they are angry, tired, or acting out, can be challenging, so we love the skills so much. The skills give you the steps needed to create connections while being calm and present and not making things worse.

You can create an excellent and healthy relationship with your child that will benefit them their whole life!

Learn more about the skills today! You can find the free skills at

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