The ADHD Smarter Parenting‘s Podcast

Ep #204: ADHD and violent behavior

October 5, 2022

 Is your child with ADHD expressing violent behaviors? Are you wondering how to best deal when they are out of control? 

If so, this podcast teaches parents what they need to do when their child becomes violent or out of control. 

When your child is out of control, the goal is to help bring them safely back into control. We want to do this by using the steps of Observe and Describe. When you use the skill of Observe and Describe, you are teaching your child how to deal with their powerful emotions in a productive and not destructive way. Observe and Describe also helps us keep our feelings and response in control which is so important.

You can learn more about Observe and Describe on the Smarter Parenting Website. 

If your child is a danger to themself, others, or property, get professional help. 

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