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Ep #31: How to teach an inattentive child

October 7, 2019

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The elements taught on Smarter Parenting helps parents how to teach an inattentive child how to be successful.


While many parents focus on the hyperactivity part of ADHD, it can be easy for the inattentive symptoms to be overlooked. ADHD inattentive type symptoms include becoming distracted, trouble concentrating, becoming bored quickly, difficulty learning or organizing new information, frequently daydreaming, difficulty following instructions, seems not to listen when spoken to directly, and creating more mistakes.


Understanding inattentive ADHD symptoms allow you to keep your cool and to apply inattentive strategies.


Children who have inattentiveness ADHD have difficulty focusing because they are focusing on everything at once. They have no idea how to filter out all the information they are receiving. As such, they have difficulty paying attention or Following Instructions even when directly talked to. It can be frustrating if you’re talking to them, and it feels like they are ignoring you.


Parents can help guide their children to focus on what they need to focus on by being specific is what you want them to do. For example, you can tell them to focus on the tone of your voice or to make a particular breathing pattern.


Doing those things allows your child to see that they have the ability to focus on one thing instead of being bombarded by multiple items at once.


Inattentive children also have a harder time following verbal commands, so giving them visual cue or lists are more effective. 


On the Smarter Parenting website, you’ll find visual chore charts that can be modified to help walk your child through multiple tasks. 


Move-along chore chart: knight

Move-along chore chart: princess

Build a knight chore chart

Build a fairy chore chart


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