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Ep #32: ADHD and different learning styles

October 9, 2019

Understanding different learning styles allows you to teach your child in a way that makes the most sense to them. Different types of learners need different things to be successful. It’s important to encourage your child to develop learning strategies that work for them. 

While there is some variation in learning styles, we are focusing on the VARK categorization. V stands for visual. A for aural or auditory, R is for a read or write. K is for kinesthetic.

Children can have more than one learning style, but they tend to favor one over the rest.

Children who are visual learners learn best through a visual representation of information. They like the data presented in diagrams, maps, graphs, charts, flow charts. For kids who are visual learners, they do well with visual instructions, so things like a chore chart or expectations chart work well for them.

Children who are aural or auditory learners learn best from lectures, group discussions, radio, and from conversations. For kids who are auditory learns, they do well with verbal instructions.

Children who are read/write learners learn best from text-based input/output, such as writing things down or reading lists and charts. For kids who are read/write learners, they do well when they can write down instructions or read instructions.

Children who are kinesthetic learners learn best when they are moving. For kids who are kinesthetic, they do well when they can add movement to what they are learning, such as playing with a toy or taking a walk.

Often ADHD children struggle with learning because we are presenting information in a style that doesn’t work for them. You’ll be able to determine which style they prefer by observing when they are successful learning information. Once you understanding which learning style your child with ADHD prefers, you can then present information using that style. Presenting information in a learning style they prefer will allow you to spend less time giving instructions while finding greater success.

You can also help them find strategies for different learning styles that aren’t their preferred learning style.

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