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Ep #51: Finding success with Preventive Teaching

December 16, 2019

One of the best things parents can do in preparing kids for success is to use the behavior skill of Preventive Teaching. Preventive Teaching is just like it sounds. We are preventing problems by teaching what behavior we expect. Preventive Teaching is used to address both negative and positive behavior.

Preparing a child for new situations is very comforting to them as it signals to them that you are watching out for them and giving them what they need to handle unfamiliar situations. Children need help, especially when dealing with new situations. Using Preventive Teaching allows them not to be fearful and to find success. 

Preventive Teaching is used to address all sorts of situations and outcomes.

Preventive Teaching focus on what you want your child to be doing instead of what you don’t want your child to be doing. It’s a positive behavior management system. When we point out all the “Don’ts,” we are focusing on the behavior we don’t want. If we want our child to stop throwing legos, telling them, “Don’t throw legos,” is not as effective as, “We need to keep the legos in our hands when playing with them.” While both do the same things, the latter focuses on the positive behavior that you want to be repeated.

Preventive Teaching is so powerful as it incorporates all the skills we’ve talked discussed. The skills on the Smarter Parenting website build on each other. This allows parents to address behavior effectively, whether that’s in the antecedent, behavior, or consequence stage.

Preventing problems takes less work than dealing with significant behavior issues.

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