The ADHD Smarter Parenting’s Podcast

Ep #71: Rewiring the brain through Role-playing

February 24, 2020

Rewiring the brain through Role-playing may seem like science fiction, but it's not. Learning rewires the brain. Kids can learn new things if a parent can be consistent and deliberate in their teaching and using Role-playing. 

Role-playing, or practicing, helps a child work at a behavior until it becomes second nature. Parents can Role-play almost anything, including behavior you want to be changed or preparing for future events. 

When a child Role-plays a behavior, it helps strengthen the connections in their brains—the stronger a connection, the higher their ability to perform the behavior without effort. 

Parents always want to know how to rewire your brain. There are six things we recommend in rewiring their brain.

First, Role-play with your child at a neutral time. The goal of Role-playing is to help strengthen the connections in your child's brain. It's harder to strengthen those connections when your child is distracted. Practicing at a neutral time allows your child to focus on the new behavior.

Second, start small. Role-playing can be challenging for a child. Starting with something little that they can find success with, gives them confidence that they can do Role-plays. 

Third, take breaks. Role-playing for success means practicing behavior multiple times. Practice. Take a break. Practice. Take a break. By practicing and taking a break, it allows you to see if your child has incorporated the Role-playing or when they're struggling. 

Fourth, help your child visualize the Role-play. A visualization is a powerful tool for children as it helps them make sense of the world around them and makes those connections more firm.

Fifth, integrate their senses. The more senses you're able to incorporate, the more they're able to remember it. 

Sixth, reverse Role-play. In reverse Role-plays, a parent Role-plays the behavior they want. This allows a child to see exactly what action you expect.

Role-plays are powerful in rewiring your child's brain and helping them find success.

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