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Ep #75: Dealing with angry outbursts using Correcting Behaviors

March 18, 2020

Dealing with angry outbursts or tantrums can be frustrating and exhausting. 

The behavior skill of Correcting Behaviors helps parents respond to negative behavior in a way that keeps the problem from escalating.

Correcting Behaviors gives parents the steps they need to help their child understand what is happening and gives them a way to channel their anger or frustration.

Children have outbursts or tantrums because they are feeling large emotions and don’t know how to process them. Common emotions that lead outbursts include being frustrated, worried, scared, tired, hungry, or overwhelmed. 

An angry outburst or a tantrum is your child’s way of letting you know they need help to deal with their emotions. Instead of making the problem worse, using Correcting Behaviors gives a child an off-ramp for their behaviors and emotions.

The steps of Correcting Behavior are:

  • Get your child's attention. 
  • Express empathy. 
  • Describe the negative behavior,
  • Deliver a consequence for that behavior. 
  • Describe what you want instead. 
  • Give a meaningful reason why they should do the new behavior.
  • Role-play the new behavior until the child is comfortable.

In this episode, ADHD Parenting Coach Siope Kinikini walks through how he teaches these steps to families. When making behavior changes most parents think that they’ll find the most success by focusing on changing their child. In reality, the greatest change happens when parents make changes first. By changing one part of the system (how a parent responds) the whole entire system changes.

Learning behavior skills isn’t a quick fix, but it is a lasting fix.

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